We believe FinTech has evolved into a very sophisticated distinct industry. Our mission is to observe and analyze the further progress of this industry, filter the events happening around the world, catch the true essence of facts shaping its future and present it Objectively to members of our community


Florin Adrian Oprea

Entrepreneur, Investor, FinTech & Blockchain Senior Consultant, Capital Markets Specialist

+40 744 377 860

Florin’s background currently counts 11 years of career as a financial markets professional, with notable former positions in finance and banks, management, stock exchanges and consultancy in financial markets infrastructure. He joined Blockchain (Asia) Ltd. as a consultant in August 2016.

He is known worldwide as the former Editor of Exchange Invest, a daily newsletter dedicated to financial markets infrastructure, a publication built from scratch and developed into one of the industry’s leaders using Florin’s enormous work effort and true passion for markets. Florin was part of the Exchange Invest team for more than 3 years, since its very beginning, in May 2013, til August 2016 when he left to pursue other opportunities.

Besides adding his important input in creating well known financial markets daily news bulletins, Florin takes active roles in advising private investors and financial institutions and dedicates significant attention to research.

He is also known for the important role he plays in shaping the future of investor education in Eastern Europe by organizing The Stock Exchange School, an complex program dedicated to students, and also a regional Investor Club.

Florin is also listed as a Mentor within the koophub, the regional fintech hub of EEMEA.

'My career as a financial professional started almost ten years ago. I came to understand this industry and its potential after more three years spent as editor of a daily newsletter focusing on financial markets infrastructure, and after having seen the continuously increasing flow of news related to FinTech companies. That is why I believe FinTech already reached the status of a distinct industry thus deserving a dedicated daily bulletin. My aim is to observe and analyze this industry's very dynamic evolution, capture the essence and present it objectively.' - Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief