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Deals & Investments

Amsterdam’s Adyen Doubles In Year’s Biggest European Tech IPO

Ruben Munsterman – Bloomberg (subscription)

Shares In Dutch Payments Company Adyen Soar 70% After Hot IPO

Toby Sterling – Reuters

Shares in Adyen which handles the payments backend for Netflix, Facebook and eBay surged more than 70% at the start of trading on Wednesday following its IPO.

FAO: Wohooo! A great moment for Europe’s fintech! Keep them coming!

Far Poin CEO Farley Says Far Point Targeting Fintech Acquisitions

Bloomberg (video)

Tom Farley, CEO of Far Point Acquisition and former president of the NYSE Group, discusses Far Point’s IPO and acquisition strategy with Bloomberg’s Vonnie Quinn on “Bloomberg Markets: European Close.

FAO: Here comes Farley, he stepped down last month after four years as NYSE President, being replaced by Stacey Cunningham, the first female president in the exchange’s  226-year history… Farley is trying to raise $400m to buy fintech firms.

How Individuals Can Invest In Tech Startups

Tomio Geron – The Wall Street Journal (subscription)

You don’t have to be a Silicon Valley venture capitalist to invest in the hot new technology startups. Individuals interested in startups can invest through angel groups or online platforms for early-stage investors like AngelList and Propel(x). Or they can invest in later-stage, but still young, companies through publicly traded funds that hold stakes in companies already backed by venture capitalists.

FAO: So there you go, now you know. Show them the money!!!!


Despite The Fintech Hype Most Payments Are Still Offline, Says Square CFO, Sarah Friar

Charlie Taylor – Irish Times

Sarah Friar: “Today, 20 million small businesses in the US don’t accept electronics payments. In the UK, which is beginning to be a burgeoning market for us, 50% of small companies don’t accept them”.

Wealth & Personal Finance

BlackRock Woos Wealth Managers With Risk ‘X-Ray’ Tool

Annie Massa – Bloomberg (subscription)

The world’s largest asset manager is marketing its risk analytics software, known as Aladdin, to the army of wealth managers who oversee billions of dollars in client assets. The effort has gained a foothold, with the wealth-management units of Morgan Stanley and UBS Group AG, which oversee about $5.1 trillion in client assets, using the program to screen portfolios and analyze their weak spots.

FAO: New weapons in the digital era. Speaking of which…

Why Digital Banking & Robo Advice Are Pairing Up

Sharon Adarlo – Financial Planning

Banks and digital wealth startups are headed toward the same goal from different starting points. Each side is increasingly seeking to package automated investment advice with checking because customers are expressing an interest in getting both services from one provider. Sometimes they are rivals, sometimes they are working as partners, and sometimes the lines are unclear.

Cap Markets & Other

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Partners UK FinTech For Blockchain Applications


The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange has inked a partnership with Equifax, a UK-based fintech company that provides blockchain technology services for capital markets.

FinTech People

How Fintech Jobs Became Boring

Daniel Davies – Efinancialcareers

It was always inevitable that success in the fintech sector would be driven more by the “fin” side of things and less by the “tech.” This is, after all, a regulated industry where moving fast and breaking things is not so much the route to success as the route to legal trouble. But 2018 is beginning to really look like the year in which big fintech starts to mature, and the career options begin to look … a lot more boring?


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Accelerators & Hubs

Barclays & HSBC Shift Some Euro Clearing From London To Frankfurt

Philip Stafford  – Financial Times (subscription)

Barclays and HSBC are two of the major banks now clearing more of their euro interest rate derivatives in Frankfurt, underlining how Deutsche Börse has established a foothold in a market that has become hotly-contested since the UK’s Brexit vote.

FAO: This follows perfectly after a story we had the other day about Germany’s finance minister, Olaf Scholz, who has called for the re-location of London’s euro clearing business to Frankfurt after Brexit. Told you the last thing you would want to do is to underestimate this nation’s determination…

Britain Courts Fintech Firms With Free Dinners And U.S. Trip

Huw Jones – Reuters

Eager to ensure that fintech firms don’t desert London after Brexit, the UK government’s latest incentives to lure start-ups will include free networking dinners and trips to potential partners in the United States.

FAO: What else? Free drinks and first class tickets to the States? Seriously now, London will have to do a lot more and will probably be facing a real challenge in keeping the fintech business in the city after Brexit. Paris, Berlin and Frankfurt are already starting to benefit…

LendInvest Joins Luxembourg Fintech Hub


LendInvest, the UK’s leading online marketplace platform for property finance, has become a fellow of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, the country’s leading FinTech innovation hub.

LatAm Banks In Race To Harness The Potential Of Fintech: Report

Christopher Copper – International Investment

Latin American banks are engaged in a fierce race to harness the potential of fintech and deliver digital banking services to a mass client base, according to a report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

FAO: The potential new business which can be sold to the unbanked population is causing this “fierce race”…


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Adyen IPO: Everything You Need To Know About The $8 Billion Fintech Company

Arjun Kharpal – CNBC

Adyen has been profitable for several years and its revenue crossed the 1 billion euro mark for the first time in 2017.

SoftBank’s $250 Million Bet On Cohesity Sets Up Two-Way Unicorn Race Between Data Storage Startups

Alex Konrad – Forbes

It’s one of tech’s wonkiest corners—but it now boasts two of Silicon Valley’s youngest startups to reach a billion-dollar valuation. And with billions of dollars at stake in the fast-growing hyperconverged secondary-storage market, SoftBank’s Vision Fund has now placed its typically outsize bet.

Other news

Fintech Emerging As Investment Tool

Jhoo Dong-chan – Korea Times

An increasing number of retail investors are using fintech app platforms as an investment tool. To capitalize on this growing trend, fintech companies, which used to offer a simple wire transfers or account checking services, have expanded their operations into investment and asset management by utilizing their convenient and fast financial service platforms.


How To Fix Business Schools’ Fintech Problem

Pierre Georg – Financial Times (subscription)

Artificial intelligence is affecting almost every aspect of our financial lives, from credit scoring to regulatory compliance. And the blockchain enables financial services that no longer rely on traditional intermediaries such as banks. This has created a clash of cultures in business schools where finance professors are faced with rowdy students who declare the entire financial system is obsolete and requires a reboot.

DNT: This is a very good story that underlines the importance of  financial education and the challenges that fintech brings in the way we should teach finance to the young. Worth a few minutes of your time.



FAO: Florin Adrian Oprea, Editor-in-chief FinTech Daily News

DNT: Decebal Nicolaie Todarita, Editor FinTech Daily News